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H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani launches the National Action Plan on implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women and Peace and Security

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Vienna, 30.06.2015

In a ceremony held today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani launched the National Action Plan on implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women and Peace and Security.

The President reminded participants that the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan obliges the government to ensure that every citizen enjoys equal rights under law.

The President also noted that creating conditions wherein Afghan women, along with men, could form a prosperous, fair and purposeful society is a daunting challenge, and stressed that women’s perspectives should be an integral part of the decision-making in the governing process.

“The government budget should reflect spending on empowerment, participation and creation of safe workplace for women”, the President said. He demanded sustainable changes, not just cosmetic effects, to people’s mindsets, relations and social participations.

Addressing the new generation of Afghanistan, President Ghani said: “please take misogynist thinking out of your minds. Misogyny still prevails in our new generation and often times the most educated happens to be the most misogynist, which needs a thorough discussion and fundamental change.”

The President said that current health conditions of Afghan women are unacceptable and that he works to reorganize the entire health sector to bring fundamental changes in delivery of healthcare services to the women.

He also stated that war has been imposed on Afghanistan and that the government will not accept peace from a weak position and that women will not have a symbolic but a genuine role in any peace negotiations.

“Fundamental change cannot come to Afghanistan without regional cooperation”, he said before concluding with the pledge that a prosperous and stable Afghanistan is not a threat to any country and fundamental change in the role of Afghan women in society and the country at large will bring about fundamental changes in the region.