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International Day of Democracy

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Vienna, 15.09.2015

Today’s International Day of Democracy reminds us about the importance of a democratic, pluralistic and free society and the inalienable rights of all of our citizens. Afghanistan’s young democracy has made significant progress and political participation, including among women, and is continuously growing.

We adopted a democratic constitution, held presidential, parliamentary and provincial council elections, established ministries, institutions, the rule of law, a free and independent media landscape, and we are proud of our dedicated civil society. The theme of this year’s International Day of Democracy is “Space for Civil Society” and we are committed to strengthening the ability of civil society organizations in the country as civic participation constitutes an important means for democratic, social and economic progress.

Afghanistan is a member of the Community of Democracies, a global intergovernmental coalition of more than one hundred democratic states. Last year’s inauguration of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani marked our country’s first democratic transfer of power. We have accomplished our democratic goals through hard work and many sacrifices by the Afghan people and our international partners.

We will continue our work toward good governance, promoting democratic values and norms.