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Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel gave an Interview to the President of the Women in International Security Austria

This week, Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel gave an interview to Ms. Jessica Gruen, a student at Vienna’s Diplomatic Academy and President of “Women in International Security – Austria”. Madam Ambassador described the important role of the “Association of Afghan Woman Diplomats” that was founded by the Ambassador and provides a network and platform for female Afghan diplomats, with the goal of advancing their capacity and empowerment. The Ambassador also discussed the status of women’s rights in Afghanistan, against the background of decades-long wars and conflicts and the institutional and societal accomplishments made over the past 16 years. “Today’s generation of young Afghan women is the new face of our country”, she said. Ambassador Ebrahimkhel emphasized the importance of civil society and the broader public, women and men working together in achieving gender equality and gender parity. “Education remains a priority for the country”, Madam Ambassador stated and when asked about the situation of the country 15 years from now, she told the interviewer: “We Afghans are united in the conviction that tomorrow will be better than today. And this is why you still see so many fellow Afghans with a smile on their face; this is why through decades of hardships we kept our traditional hospitality, generosity and openness. I consider myself an optimist and when I look at our ambitious young generation I know that 15 years from now Afghanistan will be in a much, much better situation.”