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Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrhimkhel meets Governor of Vorarlberg, H.E. Markus Wallner

On 28 June, Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel travelled to Austria’s westernmost province to meet the Governor of Vorarlberg, H.E. Markus Wallner.

Mr. Wallner has been Governor of Vorarlberg since December 2011 and possesses professional expertise in the areas of international affairs and external relations, youth development and disaster management, to name but a few.

The Ambassador and the Governor discussed a number of issues related to the above-mentioned fields. The two main issues on the agenda were 1) the situation of Afghan migrants and refugees in Vorarlberg and 2) possible future cooperation between Vorarlberg and Austria in the fields of economy and trade, education, culture, infrastructure and development assistance.

The Ambassador encouraged foreign direct investments in Afghanistan, as well as trade stimulation and facilitation of market access. She also floated the suggestion of creating opportunities for Afghan students at one of the internationally renowned “Fachhochschulen” in Vorarlberg, as well as opening up avenues of collaboration between museums of Vorarlberg and Afghanistan.

Vorarlberg is positioned in a central location in Europe and serves as a hub of connectivity between Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The province has a high export quota and enjoys a superb reputation for being a dynamic business location with a very high quality of life, boasting a rich cultural heritage, and a wonderful nature.

Ambassador Ebrahimkhel was very grateful for the warm welcome in Vorarlberg, also known as the “Ländle” (= small county; small as in small is beautiful) and thanked Governor Wallner for the fruitful discussion.

Austria and Afghanistan have entertained excellent diplomatic relations since the 1950s, and our bilateral ties shall be further strengthened.