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Ambassador Khojasta Fana Ebrahimkhel met with Dr. Margareta Griessler-Hermann, International Advisor to the Mayor of Vienna

Today, Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel met with Dr. Margareta Griessler-Hermann, International Advisor and deputy to Mayor of Vienna to discuss Afghan migrants living in Vienna and to establish a twinning of Austrian and Afghan cities.

In this meeting, Ambassador Ebrahimkhel thanked the government of Austria for hosting Afghan Migrants and in particular expressed her gratitude to the Vienna Municipality for providing immense aid and assistance such as; education, healthcare and integration programs for those Afghan migrants living in Vienna. Refereeing to the tense security situation ambassador Ebrahimkhel stated that “Unfortunately, the Insecurity and instability in some part of Afghanistan and lack of social wellbeing forced many of my fellow Afghans to leave their homes – some of them moved to other places in Afghanistan while many others did not have this opportunity and had to leave to neighboring countries. Due to social and political pressure of two largest host countries of Afghan migrants, Iran and Pakistan, Afghan refugees then started to move towards Europe. We fully understand that such large numbers of refugees can be a burden to any of host countries and really thank them for their supports and humanitarian assistance”

Ambassador Ebrahimkhel also expressed her desire to establish new areas of bilateral cooperation in businesses, culture and education and wished to connect one of Afghanistan’s big cities, Herat, Kabul or Jalalabad, with Vienna.