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Visit of Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel to Linz, Austria

28 Februrary2019, Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel had received an invitation by State Minister Rudi Anschober, in charge of Integration, Environment, Climate Protection and Consumer Protection in Upper Austria, to participate in a day-long Conference concerning Afghan citizens in Linz.

In the morning, the Ambassador had a fruitful meeting with the Mayor of Linz, Mr. Klaus Luger. During the meeting, a number of joint initiatives were contemplated in the area of health and education to foster relations and collaboration between the City of Linz and the City of Kabul and a follow-up meeting will be organized in the near future.

Mr. Anschober invited the Ambassador and her colleagues to visit two Austrian companies, ABC Dachlackierer- & Maler GmbH and TopRein Gebäudereinigungs-und Handels GmbH, which together have hired a total of five enthusiastic Afghan apprentices. They are the living example of a good integration of Afghan citizens into Austria. The Ambassador was really proud of their achievements and was pleased to hear that the owners of the company were highly satisfied with their performance.

Thereafter, during a visit to an Asylum-Seeker Quartier, which offered a home to 30 Afghan citizens, Ambassador Ebrahimkhel thanked the primary care quarter team for their support and continued dedication in helping Afghan refugees and pledged her personal and the Embassy’s support in providing assistance whenever required.

In the evening, the Ambassador participated in a Conference on Afghanistan with the strong motto ‘Wir sind Oberösterreich’ (We are Upper Austria), outlined in her speech to the audience of the Conference the bilateral relations which so happily exist between the two countries and thanked Austria for its continued support for Afghanistan and Afghan refugees. She further stressed that Afghanistan should not be perceived in a development context only, but should be recognized also in terms of holding significant economic, trade and investment opportunities. Afghanistan is located on the Eurasian land bridge and possesses a key strategic geographical position connecting Central and South Asia and leading to Europe. Afghanistan has the potential to serve as an important hub for regional and inter-regional trade, transit, and transport. She concluded by saying that ‘We have good prospects in Afghanistan and you are invited to participate in realizing them, at the toehold of the Eurasian land bridge at the heart of Asia’.

Ambassador Ebrahimkhel expressed her gratitude to State Minister Anschober and Upper Austria for the integration efforts established in Linz for the Afghan refugees.