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Daily Archives: September 13, 2019

International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) Panel Discussion on Women in Leadership Positions, Inclusion and Diversity in Society

Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel keeps very dear ICDO’s objective to promote diversity and interculturality with the goal of bringing people closer together and closing the cultural gaps.

This is very much in line with the priorities of the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan in Vienna, where they share the same goal of understanding and closing the cultural gaps.

For this reason, the young President and the young Ambassadors of ICDO included Ambassador Ebrahimkhel’s speech in a Panel Discussion dedicated to women empowerment, one of the many intercultural activities of the week.

In her speech to ICDO, Ambassador Ebrahimkhel shared a message to her own fellow Afghans living abroad, “While abroad, like here in Austria, I encourage you all to get integrated, educated, polish your skills and contribute to society with the goal of becoming role models for your fellow Afghan countrymen and women and become Ambassadors of Peace and of Understanding among the cultures.”

Ambassador Ebrahimkhel shared her appreciation for ICDO’s work in empowering youth and diversity. ICDO gives youth new opportunities and most importantly hope. Hope for change.