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Ambassador Ebrahimkhel Meets with UNIDO Director-General Li Yong

Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel met with UNIDO Director-General Li Yong on Friday, the 16th of October. In this productive meeting, both sides discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest, particularly regarding steps to strengthen support of COVID-19 funds from UNIDO member states and the establishment of online training programs for young Afghan diplomats.

Additionally, Ambassador Ebrahimkhel discussed the possibility of extending UNIDO’s Country Programme for Afghanistan by one-year, and proposed a phone call between Director-General Li Yong and Ms. Karima Hamid Faryabi, Minister of Economy for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will commit to properly describe what priorities must be considered in the formulation of a new Country Programme for Afghanistan.

Lastly, Ambassador Ebrahimkhel expressed gratitude for the new cooperation between Afghanistan and UNIDO in the framework of the International Gender Champions initiative. Ambassador Ebrahimkhel will be co-leading the ICG Vienna Representation Impact Group, together with the UNIDO Director-General Li Yong and the Ambassador of Finland.