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Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presents her Letters of Credence to H.E. Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO

Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented her Letters of Credence to H.E. Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO, introducing Ambassador as Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to UNIDO.

UNIDO has a long history of supporting Afghanistan towards poverty reduction, rural development, strengthened export and trade capacities, agro-business, creation of employment opportunities, industrial governance, private sector development and environment management.

Mr. Yong’s capacity as the DG of UNIDO and his valuable experience in creating economic opportunities that reduce poverty and promote gender equality align with the Ambassador’s primary objectives during her tenure in Vienna. Together they will help advance inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in Afghanistan. More importantly, they will empower women and improve the standard of living for Afghans. The Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan remains committed to this shared vision.

H.E. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented Credential Letters to Mr. Thomas Stelzer, Dean of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)

H.E. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presents her Letters of Credence to Mr. Thomas Stelzer, Dean of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), based in Laxenburg/Lower Austria. Ambassador Bakhtari now also serves as Permanent Representative of the I.R. of Afghanistan to IACA, which was established in 2010. In this meeting, she detailed Afghanistan’s anti-corruption efforts and acknowledged IACA’s invaluable contributions to this fight. She also reiterated Afghanistan’s high regard for multilateral cooperation. Together, Ambassador Bakhtari and Mr. Stelzer brainstormed new cooperative efforts. In particular, they focused on better tailoring IACA services and programs to Afghan nationals.


Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented her credentials to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General, H.E. Rafael Mariano Grossi on the 30th of March 2021, in Vienna. In this meeting, Ambassador Bakhtari reiterated her appreciation of the IAEA, its projects, and its investment in Afghanistan.

The cooperation framework between Afghanistan and the IAEA hinges on four important investments—Radiation Safety Infrastructure, Food and Agriculture, Human Health and Nutrition, and Human Capital Development. Concerning health, Ambassador Bakhtari commended the Director-General for initiating the ZODIAC Project. This project preemptively organizes a global response if another pandemic should ever occur. The IAEA demonstrated its commitment to this goal in the last year. In fact, the IAEA provided vital support to Afghanistan throughout this global health crisis.

In particular, Afghanistan greatly appreciates the IAEA’s initiatives to expand comprehensive cancer care for women affected by cervical and breast cancer in the world’s poorest countries. Ambassador Bakhtari discussed the importance of the continuation of our joint efforts in addressing breast cancer and cervical cancer in Afghanistan by providing appropriate treatments through IAEA’s projects and technical cooperation.

With the gaining momentum in the Afghan peace process, Afghanistan increases its capacity to undertake joint initiatives. Afghanistan intends to take concrete measures and plan for the future. In particular, Ambassador Bakhtari plans to facilitate women’s participation in these projects and achieve full gender parity. Achieving this goal depends on frameworks such as the Group of Friends for Women, the International Gender Champions, and the ICG Vienna Representation Impact Group.

The technical assistance and cooperation initiatives provided by the IAEA remain vital for Afghanistan. In this meeting, this partnership was further cemented.

Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented her credentials to H.E. Ms. Ghada Waly, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV)

On the 15th of March 2021, Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented her Letters of Credence to Ms. Ghada Waly, Executive Director of UNODC and Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna. Madam Ambassador thanked the United Nations and specifically the UNODC on behalf of Afghanistan. We are grateful for their tireless counter-narcotic efforts, which have greatly contributed to our country’s progress. The Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Vienna pledges full support to all Vienna-based organizations and with UN-programs based in Vienna aimed at bolstering Afghanistan.

The UNODC has provided valuable protection and support to the people of Afghanistan in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to support the country in the areas of alternative development, anti-corruption, and counter-narcotics. Among these efforts are law enforcement, criminal justice, curbing drug use, addressing HIV/AIDS among drug users, and providing alternative livelihoods. These are only a few of the critical joint initiatives between UNODC and Kabul. Ms. Ghada Waly and the UNODC can count on our unwavering dedication to this partnership.

In this meeting, they discussed ways to strengthen the coordination of initiatives between Afghanistan and the UNODC. This meeting reiterates both Ambassador Bakhtari and her country’s commitment to eradicating narcotics in Afghanistan.

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Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented Letters of Credence to H.E. Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, Federal President of the Republic of Austria

Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari presented on the 3rd of March 2021 her Letters of Credence to H.E. Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, Federal President of the Republic of Austria marking the starting point of her tenure as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Afghanistan to Austria.

In this meeting, Ambassador Bahktari extended the warmest greetings and best wishes from President H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries. The excellent diplomatic relations between the two countries were established during the 1950s and have been strengthened and developed across many sectors ranging from culture, education, to sports and trade.

Discussed extensively in the meeting was also the Afghan Peace Process, integration, and repatriation of Afghan citizens. The Embassy serves and protects the interests of the Afghan community in Austria and encourages the Afghan diaspora to further contribute to the relations between our two countries.

Ambassador Bahktari expressed her gratitude to the Austrian Government and people for their continued support to Afghanistan and concluded by stating that she looks forward to strengthening further the bilateral relationship between Austria and Afghanistan.

Japan Contributes $475,000 to the New UNIDO Project in Afghanistan

On February 19th, 2021, Japan announced that it would contribute $475,000 to the new UNIDO project in Afghanistan entitled “Emergency assistance for improving the livelihoods through skills training for returnees, internally displaced people and host communities in Herat”. The contribution aims to reaffirm Japan’s commitment to fortifying the societal resiliency of countries in the face of crisis. Japan’s contribution comes at the backdrop of the humanitarian crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left already at-risk populations in a particularly vulnerable position.

Japan has a distinguished history of providing assistance and aid to Afghanistan in its times of need. During the last years, Japan has provided generous support in implementing projects on women’s education, health and economic empowerment.

The Permanent Mission and Embassy of the I.R. of Afghanistan expresses utmost gratitude to Japan for its contributions to this new UNIDO Project. Afghanistan treasures its relationship with Japan, and appreciates the country’s continued support of the peoples of Afghanistan within the UNIDO framework.


The United States Contributes $3.4 Million to UNODC’s Container Control Programme (CCP) in Afghanistan

On January 31st 2021, the United States Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) announced that it would contribute $3.4 million to the UNODC’s Container Control Programme (CCP). The contribution has the aim of continuing to support CCP projects in Afghanistan, including those in Herat International Airport and Afghan Port Control Units in Hairatan, Jalalabad, Shirkhan Bandar, Islam Qala, Aquina, and Zaranj.

These programmes have the purpose of training Afghan authorities in identifying and stopping the distribution of illicit goods, while facilitating the movement of legitimate merchandise. In 2019, Afghan port control units trained by CCP staff conducted 131 significant seizures. This includes over 6,000 grams of heroin, 75 metric tons of precursor chemicals, 100 kilograms of explosives, four rocket launchers, 2,000 boxes of falsified medicines, and over 650,000 USD, 90,000 Euros, 128,300 Saudi Riyals, 75,800 AED, 140,000 Indian Rupees in undeclared currency.

The Permanent Mission and Embassy of Afghanistan expresses utmost gratitude to the United States for its continued contributions to peace and security in Afghanistan. Afghanistan attaches great importance to the strong relationship with the United States of America, and appreciates its support to Afghanistan within the UNODC framework.

سیستم اخذ تذکره آنلاین


سفارت و نمایندگی دایمی جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان در ویانا به آگاهی عموم هموطنان عزیز خویش در اتریش، هنگری، لیختن شتاین، سلوانیا و کرواسی می رساند که پس ازین می توانند با استفاده از فورم های آنلاین ادارۀ ملی احصائیه و معلومات جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان به خدمات ذیل دسترسی داشته باشند

 اخذ تذکره جدید، اخذ تذکره مثنی، تایید تذکره، درج تخلص، تجدید یا نصب عکس، اصلاح محل تولد، اصلاح نام و اصلاح سن

این فورم ها پس از خانه پوری توسط متقاضیان، به صورت آنلاین (Online) به ادارۀ ملی احصائیه و معلومات جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان ارسال می گردد

متقاضیان می ‌توانند که پس از دریافت تأییدی تذکره از جانب ادارۀ محترم ملی احصائیه و معلومات، با در دست داشتن کاپی ورق پرنت شده به سفارت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان در ویانا مراجعه نمایند تا اجراات لازم صورت گیرد

فورم های مربوطه را از طریق لینک ذیل می توانید دریافت نمایید

لطفا در خانه پوری فورم ها دقت نمایید


ویدیوی رهنمودی


په ویانا کې د افغانستان د اسلامي جمهوریت سفارت او دایمی نمایندگی په اترش، هنگری، لیختن شتاین، سلوانیا او کرواسی کې اوسېدونکیو هیوادوالو ته خبر ورکوي چې دوی اوس کولی شي د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت د احصایې او معلوماتو د ادارې د آنلاین فورمونو په کارولو سره لاندې خدمتونه ترلاسه کړي

 د نوې تذکرې ترلاسه کول، د مثنی تذکرې ترلاسه کول، د تذکرې تایید، د تخلص لیکل، د عکس نصبول، د زېږېدلو د ځای اصلاح، د نوم اصلاح و  د سن اصلاح

دا فورمونه به وروسته له هغې چې د غوښتونکو له خوا ډک شول، په آنلاین بڼه د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت د احصایې او معلوماتو ملي ادارې ته واستول شي

غوښتونکي، وروسته له هغې چې د احصایې او معلوماتو ملي ادارې له خوا یې د تذکرې تایید ترلاسه کړ د هغې د کاپي په درلودلو سره کولی شي په ویانا کې د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت سفارت ته مراجعه وکړی تر څو اړوند اقدامات ترسره شي

تاسو کولی شئ اړونده فورمې د لاندې لینک له لارې ترلاسه کړئ.

د فورمونو په ډکولو کې دقت وکړئ

رهنمودی ویدیو



Die Botschaft der islamischen Republik Afghanistan in Österreich, beehrt sich allen lieben Landsleuten in Österreich, Ungarn, Liechtenstein, Slowenien und Kroatien folgende Mitteilung zu übermitteln.

Folgende Formulare/Antragstellungen müssen Online ausgefüllt werden, dieses wird direkt mit dem nationalen Statistikamt in Kabul geteilt. Hier ist keine rechtliche Vertretung notwendig. Es sind alle Namen und Daten die verfügbar sind, einzufügen, auch die des Spitznamens und es sind immer die aktuellsten Fotos hochzuladen.


  • Erhalt eines neuen Personalausweises

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  • Namenskorrektur

  • Alterskorrektur

Nach Ausfüllen dieser Online – Formulare, wird durch Bestätigung, dieses direkt an das nationale Statistikamt in Afghanistan weitergeleitet. Wenn Kabul die Zusage über die Ausstellung des Dokuments an uns übermittelt, ist das jeweilige Entgelt zu entrichten.

Nach Erhalt der Zusage zur Ausstellung, sind sämtliche Formulare ausgedruckt bei der Abholung des Ausweises mitzunehmen.

Bitte beachten Sie auch die Informationsblätter diesbezüglich, welche in der Konsularabteilung aufliegen.