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Birth Certificate

Please note: If  a valid AFGHAN passport or Tazkera is not available, you must apply for a NEW Afghan Passport and complete the requested requirements.

Requirements for Birth Certificate:

For the person who is applying for a Birth Certificate:

  • One completed application.
  • Two passport sized photos.
  • Original and a copy of the Afghan passport or/and Tazkera (Afghan National ID).
  • Attendance of two witnesses with signed affidavit (information below)
  • A money order
  • Cash or personal checks are not accepted.

Requirements for the two wittnesses:

  • Two witness forms (affidavit) are needed to be filled out, by two Afghans with valid Afghan passports or Afghan National ID (Tazkera) who are residing in Austria, in order to have the mother’s & father’s name included in the Birth Certificate.
  • The two witnesses should attend the application, for a short interview. Please have the forms NOTARIZED if the witnesses will not be present at the Consulate.
  • Please include a copy of the above stated documents (Tazkera and/or Afghan passport) for each of the witness with your application.

Please download the affidavit form here: Affidavit

Please download the Birth Certificate form here: Birth Certificate