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National Ulema Council expresses support and solidarity with the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF)

Afghanistan’s National Security Forces (ANSF) received overarching support and expressions of solidarity from the country’s largest religious body, the National Ulema Council on Thursday.  This comes as a significant step for the ANSF, as decisions taken by the Council are honoured across the nation. Over 5,000 religious scholars from across the country gathered in Kabul for the declaration, udner the slogan ‘Long live Afghan Forces’.

Concurrently, Afghanistan’s Youth Union also came forward in an ever increasing trend of national support for the ANSF, signing an agreement with the Ministry of Defence, to encourage Afghan youth to join the ranks of the security forces.

Similar expressions of support were given by both houses of Parliament and women’s’ organizations. Following the drawdown of the NATO led ISAF, the Afghan ANSF are responsible for the country’s security. The ANSF has demonstrated their capability for the task ahead over the past year and it is this trust of the Afghan people which remains essential to them succeeding at their mission.


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